FAQ Xhorse VVDI Audi BCM2 Solder Free Adapter

Xhorse released new optional Audi BCM2 solder free adapter.  Here are frequently asked questions  and answers of the new adapter.

Xhorse Audi Bcm2 Adapter

Q: Is it for xhorse key tool plus only or mini prog?

A: The Audi bcm2 adapter is compatible with vvdi key tool plus and vvdi2 +vvdiprog.


Q: does it support Audi A6L all keys lost without synchronize data?

A: No, A6L/A6 AKL still requires sync data from third party. But the adapter will help read BCM2 Immo data when lost all keys. A4L, A5, Q5 all keys lost does not require sync data.

Check the table of the adapter capabilities below

Add Key All Keys Lost
Read BCM2 data Synchronize data Read BCM2 data Synchronize data
A4L/A5/Q5 -2013 OBD No OBD/some need remove BCM2 No
A4L/A5/Q5 2013-2019 Xhorse BCM2 Adapter No VVDI BCM2 adapter No
A6L/A7/A8 -2013 OBD Obtain from working key OBD/some need remove BCM2 Obtain from third party
A6L/A7/A 2013-2019 OBD Obtain from working key VVDI BCM2 adapter Obtain from third party

Q: Does the cable work with vvdi2 as well?

A: Yes, vvdi2 upcoming update will adds this function. But requires working with vvdi prog to read BCM2 data.


Q: Can I do 2013-2018 A4 all keys lost via OBD with xhorse key tool plus and this adapter?

A:No, for A4 from 2013-2018 you must read BCM2 Immo data with the new solder free adapter.  pre-2013 A4 supports BCM2 data reading via OBD (does not require sync data)


Q:Can I read the BCM2 Immo data without soldering if I buy this adapter?

A:  Yes, you can. requires the xhorse Audi bcm2 adapter set which has 6 adapters included.


Q: When will it be available?

A: it will be available in the end of Sep. 2021.


Q: How much does it cost?

A: the pre-order price is 100USD. price will goes up when it is available. First come first served.


Q: Does it require token? what about the update?

A: It is token free.  Free update as other xhorse tools.


Q:Does it require a special key to program?

A: You can use regular 754J key on the aftermarket.


Q: How many accessories are there in the set?

A: AUDI BCM2 adapter set consists of 6 pieces in total. Check it out.

Audi Bcm2 Adapter Set

Q: Is it easy to disassemble the BCM2 module?


Usually, BCM2 module is beneath the protection pad of the car trunk. It can be easily spotted and levered to take out the PCB.


How to use the adapter set?

A: Check 2 posts with video guide here

How to Use Xhorse Audi BCM2 Adapter with VVDI Key Tool Plus No Soldering?

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