Do I need Sync Data for Xhorse MQB Mileage Correction?

Question: I am ready to order the xhorse MQB nec35xx license for vvdi2. Is this option Ok for Odometer correction. Sync data also needed for odometer? or just for the Immo part.



MQB license works for odometer as well.

Sync data is just for IMMO of course. Sync data is for dealer key generation.


The whole dump is encrypted and the processors are locked. But for odometer you don’t need sync data. The servers of VVDI/AVDI and the other tools decrypt the dash/immo data but they cannot get the sync data which is only stored in the working key.

So currently you have one option to get the SYNC data (when key is missing) – use paid service to get it from VAG server. Soon there may be a second option – to generate the SYNC yourself by reading all the computer modules in the car (ECU, DASH, ELV, Transmission…) but for the moment there’s no tool which can read the ELV if fitted.


Xhorse MQB mileage correction review:

1). Today did Skoda Octavia 2016 with MQB Visteon 5E0920781B dash D70F3529 MCU. Read, Write, ZERO issues.

 2). I did mileage correction on 2 virtual clusters from Tiguan 5NA920791A (D70F3526) one 2016 other 2017 with VVDI Prog. After writing back both working fine.