Differences of HU64 keys with Xhorse Dolphin XP005


A few Xhorse DOLPHIN XP005 users reported that they had no idea about the differences of HU64, HU64-2 and HU64-3. Hence, for the better understanding of customers, the post, which is available with the disparities of the three keys, is attached below.




  1. Connect the device to Bluetooth

01 Connect To Bluetooth


  1. Select “Cut by Bitting”

02 Seclect Cut By Bitting


  1. Then you will enter the interface of key blank names, please select the key blank names you want (if you want to cut HU64, please select “HU64”; if you want to cut HU64-2, please select “HU64-2”; if you want to cut HU64-3, please select “HU64-3”)

03 Seclect Key Blank Name


  1. Select “Clamp Type: M2-B Clamp Tip align position 1” and fix the key (namely, clear metal filings and use your finger to press the blank key on the clamp and make sure it is flat)


04 Select Clamp Type


  1. Select cutting depth (recommend use default value) and the key will be cutting and make the key cutting until 100%

05 Select Cutting Depth 06 HU64 07 HU64 2 08 HU64 3 09 Key Cutting 10 Key Cutting Completed




Job is completed! Now please take a closer look at the gradient of the key tip. Different gradients correspond to different HU64 types. Compared with HU64, whose gradient is minimum, and HU64-2 whose gradient is slightly larger, HU64-3 is with the maximum gradient.


11 Difference Of Hu64 Keys

Video: How to cut make the right HU64 key with Xhorse Dolphin XP005