Tips to Cut Renault Emergency Keys with Xhorse Dolphin

The tips here could help people who get an “error code 2, not detect probe” problem when decoding Renault emergency keys with Xhorse Dolphin XP005/XP005L key cutting machine.
Xhorse Dolphin Cut Renault Emergency Keys 1
Xhorse Dolphin Cut Renault Emergency Keys 2
Apparently, to make Renault emergency keys you need a wedge to be able to decode the key (if anyone has already had this problem and has a solution)
Users succeeded but have to cheat by lifting the key to be able to decode.  block the key after having raised it slightly and after several tries, it decodes ok. The engraving is done normally if you choose cut by bitting.   You are able to cut with the cut by bitting function in 1 minute.
1 Go to the cars
2 go to make
3 go to model
4 go to year (which blade,its different ones. if you have the key will see which one to choose.
4.1 follow the lanes if the machine show you
5 press decode
6 put the new blade cut