Tips to Cut New VE2 Keys with Xhorse Dolphin XP005


Does your xhorse dolphin xp005 or dolphin ii machine cut well the va2 keys?
The old version VA2, seems to work every time.
New VA2 keys, fails often decoding on the Dolphin.

This on the smart car, and also on the PSA models. And Renault keys/cards. I am stranded with the newer Renault card emergency keys. Clio and Captur for instance. Dolphin does not mention them and if choosing the other card keys it just ‘probes’ OVER them so depth is wrong. They don’t fit in the Sec due to the with (will hit the back of the machine when reading) and are too wide to capture 2 beside each other in the good manual machine. Anyone a solution on these?





This is the good one. Search it in “cut by bitting” – ‘VA2EH2-6-1 smart’.  It works fine.

User feedback:


You need to put a shim underneath the key to raise it.
I use a piece of a credit card cut a bit smaller than the metal key blade.

works perfectly every time.
I have cuts 100’s of the 3 button cards keys & the 4 button card keys.



I use 0,7mm sheet metal.
But I would think.
A piece of a credit card, would even work better.

Xhorse Dolphin New Renault Ve2eh2 1

Xhorse Dolphin New Renault Ve2eh2 2

Xhorse released new update V101 on April 18th, 2022. Renault emergency keys are no longer a problem, they were added in update 101.

 This update was good News!