How to Connect Xhorse Key Reader with Condor/Dolphin?

Question: how to connect the new xhorse dolphin xp005l with key reader?


Here’s the tips to connect xhorse key reader with condor/dolphin key cutting machine:

Dolphin XP005, Dolphin XP005L, Condor Mini Plus connects key reader via Xhorse app on mobile phone

The new Condor XC-Mini Plus II connects with key ready directly without mobile phone.



Connect key reader with Xhorse App via WiFi or Bluetooth:

Turn on both xhorse key reader and dolphin/condor
Turn on Bluetooth connection on xhorse app
In xhorse dolphin/condor app, press Select, let it seach devices. You will see 2 devices are connected
Select Optional identification function in the Xhorse app
Select brand and start using key reader

Connect Xhorse Key Reader With Dolphin 1

Connect Xhorse Key Reader With Dolphin 2

Connect Xhorse Key Reader With Dolphin 3
Demo guide & review:

Connect key reader with Condor II within machine instruction will be updated soon.