Tips to Clone Volvo ID48 with Xhorse VVDI Mini Key Tool


Volvo xc90 when i try to clone id48 96bit with xhorse vvdi mini key tool, i have this and can not read other 7. What is problem, server, tools or?

Vvdi Mini Key Tool Volvo Id48 Clone 1


Wait 1 minute each or disconnect battery terminal. Like VW Jetta, disconnect battery between reconnect and sniffer data acquisition 8 times.

You have to disconnect the battery each time.
After every read; ignition off, battery terminal off, wait 5 seconds, battery terminal on, ignition on.
Then it will work.

Read instructions on xhorse app.
If it’s Volvo model, each time can collect 1 set data, require disconnecting power to collect next set data.

Some people try turn the ignition off and On 8 times, without disconnecting battery, works ok as well.

Vvdi Mini Key Tool Volvo Id48 Clone 2


i done I need to wait 2min new on each reading.