Where to Get Cheaper Cables to Replace Benz EIS/EZS Test Cables for VVDI MB?

VVDISHOP.COM is rolling out a new godiag full protocol jumper cable set to replace the Benz EIS/EZS test cables for xhorse vvdi mb toolvvdi key tool plus for EZS/EIS data reading.

Godiag Jumper Cable 1

Godiag Jumper Cable 3

Godiag Jumper Cable 4

Godiag Jumper Cable 2


The universal jumper cable set is much cheaper and easier to use than regular EIS/EZS cables.

Regular Benz Eis Ezs Cables

Follow Benz EZS/EIS table connection pinouts to connect EIS with godiag jumper

Connection diagram example:

Vvdi Mb Godiag Cable Read Eis 1Vvdi Mb Godiag Cable Read Eis 2

Vvdi Mb Godiag Cable Read Eis 3

The advantages of Godiag jumper comparing Benz EIS/EZS cable set:

  • 1. Cheaper, $29.99 only
  • 2. Easier to use and connect
  • 2. Multifunctional.

The godiag jumper can be used with vvdi2/vvdi bimtool to read VAG Audi engine ECU data and PIN on table as well.

Example: vvdi2 read Audi A6 Simos 6.3 ECU and PIN via Godiag jumper.


The jumper adapter can also be used as breakout tricore cable for mpps, kess v2, fgtech etc to read ECUs/TCUs no opening ECU.