CG MB or VVDI MB for MB keys

Question: CG MB or VVDI MB which is better for mb keys.


Answer based on test reports:

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In my own view, CG (for MB called CGMB) is the cheapest, it is enough to do everything you need, this is what I’m using.
It can also program key from CGDI VVDI Xhorse OEM key, no need to worry what key should be using.
However somehow it fail to calculate Dealer hash (erase password) for some EIS,
and I’m worry about if someday their server down then the device will be useless.

VVDI feels like much more stable and it is widely in using by many workshops and locksmiths.
But the price is double of CG.



Whatever you choose, add a vvdi prog + ezs adapters, or its xprog equivalent. Gets dumps faster and safer


User 2 review.

VVDI PROG and MB is the best for me.


User 3 review.

VVDI MB Tool for me is the best….


User 4 review.

Autel for spare key – vvdi for AKL



In conclusion:

What can vvdi mb tool do that cgdi pro mb can’t? Or what can cgdi pro mb do that vvdi mb tool can’t?

The Main Difference: 

vvdi mb tool support bga keys while cgdi mb can’t. so it is better to get the vvdi mb tool as it can support more cars models than cgdi mb and support new cars than cgdi mb.


Other difference… all feedback from users!


CGDI uses cheap parts in their PCB, even poor support.


Big difference between VVDI and CGDI 

Original: VVDI MB TOOL wins!

VVDI MB is original device of which has made a copy and that is CGDI MB.

Vehicle coverage: VVDI MB TOOL wins!

vvdi mb tool support more vehicles than cgdi mb prog.


Old EIS: CGDI MB programmer wins!

I think you should buy vvdi prog too because the are some eis and ecu’s that you can not do with MB Tool independently. For example some w210 eis or Sprinter 906. I have both, MB Tool and prog. If I had to buy some tools again, I would think about Simone Touch, but it’s more expensive.

But if you have a CGDI MB, you have a chance to program a new key through OBD. All done with a tool. That’s the reason why I bought it.



vvdi mb can renew esl, cgdi cannot.


Token number: VVDI MB TOOL wins!
Vvdi mb tool can buy tokens alone, it is more suitable for those customers who need more tokens one day, cgdi mb prog do not offer tokens alone, you can get two tokens for free every day, it is enough for personal usage.


Token cost: CGDI MB wins! 

CGDI until 6 months after purchase, you have 2 free by days. After 2 free by days. If you need more, you can buy free token for the first half a year, then 70 usd for half a year. You can calculate password with tokens twice a day if you have a cgdi or cg pro.

But you can have four times if you have both cgdi and cg pro. (I’ve sent the serial number to team and they helped make them a combination. Now I have 4 tokens to use every day). So, in the token VVDI is very more expensive, It’s 30 usd per time, and 380 usd without limitation for a year.


Tech support: VVDI MB BGA TOOL wins!

CGDI is poor support and no has yet many functions like VVDI, that is a fact.

But CGDI is young, came from a small company without reputation…..
Also, in fact, token is fore cheaper, calculate PSW very fast and alway first time from server.
CGDI is 1/3 VVDi price, and VVDI is out for almost more than 2 years. So for me, let it grow up and time will tell if this is good tool or not.


As you can see, VVDI MB is the best for MB keys, and the price is worth for what it can do.