Will Xhorse Dolphin II Cut Household/Residential Key by Bitting?

Q:1  Does the new xhorse dolphin xp005l (dolphin ii) key cutting machine cut household keys by bitting?  This is a frequently asked question.

Q2: Are we able to cut residential & commercial keys by bitting with the xp005. I have the m4 clamp but can’t find an option to enter bitting on Xhorse app.


No, xhorse dolphin I and II will not cut home key by bitting. You need to write the bitting yourself.

Duplicate only.

No (by default) unless you build or import custom key data. I shared my key data on Kwikset, Schlage & Yale via but it was never approved by their tech team.
You can build your own custom key data (space and depth by keyway). Use the shoulder stop to prevent cutting into the bow. Use a shim behind the flat edge of blank to allow more depth before the cutter hits jaw. Schlage will be limited to depths 0-6, maybe depth 7 with a thicker round shim. Remove shims before cutting.


The newer Condor II machines might allow you to use custom bitting directly on the machine. You also need the M4 clamp. Once you learn to create and use custom bitting, the machine will cut extremely accurately, usually within a thousandth of an inch.

Dolphin will cut household keys via Universal Key Duplication only if you have a working key.

Check example:

How to Cut SC1/KW1 Household Keys with Xhorse Dolphin/Condor?

Only xhorse condor ii will cut household key by bitting.

Check video example