Buy VVDI MB BGA Tool or AVDI Abrites MB

Topic: what is better to buy VVDI MB BGA Tool or Abrites MB?


Vote VVDI MB Tool and reviews:

  1. vvdi mb get that, I have both and abtires times to get key password is horrible.


  1. I have AVDI, but sometimes VVDI has better working times on pulling out the password from the car. But sometimes VVDI has advantages, sometimes not. I know, that VVDI works with tokens, but when you use VVDI Benz keys, you get some tokens for that too, and don’t 4get, that there is some free calculations/day too and a token free version for a handfull of money.
    From the other hand AVDI makes everything 4 free, but you have to pay AMS yearly just to be able to use the whole thing.
    The wise ones have both of ’em + CGDI Benz, just to b able to make the fastest choice.

    For Example: S-Class 2015, W222, akl. Abritas counting Time was nearly 26-30 hours. VVDI foretold 4-5 hours.

PS: W222 2015 on fbs3 .In the cars papers was 2015, didn’t checked the windows for date.


  1. Buy VVDI with an xhorse key cutter then token free 1 a day
    -assume offer still available.


Vote Abrites MB and reviews:

  1. Abrites is a good tool but will cost you every time you need to update with VVDI free updates they both does the same job.


  1. If your work involves more than key jobs AVDI is more of a complete tool specially if you learn to use properly.