Audi A3 8P 2005 BKC change cluster with VVDI2 OK?

Audi A3 8P 2005 BKC change cluster with VVDI2 OK? If not, how to do?


Audi A3 8P 2005 BKC, i want to change the cluster, but vvdi2 wouldn’t read the old IC.




It’s 8P VDO dash with Fujitsu. VVDI does not support them. Read Immodata from ECU (CS, Login, MAC and immo id) get 7th byte from key and transfer to new dash.



Thanks your reply. I got all data what i need.
From ECU: CS 6 byte, PIN, MAC, VIN, ImmoID, powerclass
From keys: transponder ID and CS 7 byte
After transferred to the new dash, all ok on bench, no SAFE
Installed to the car, SAFE on dash.

audi-a3-8p-2005-bkc-change-cluster-with-vvdi2-02 audi-a3-8p-2005-bkc-change-cluster-with-vvdi2-03 audi-a3-8p-2005-bkc-change-cluster-with-vvdi2-04

I did a short video, no immo fault, strange



If you disconnect ECU, does SAFE go away and you get mileage instead?
If so, I guess it is related to powerclass or MAC.

Upload your immoblock from dash and EDC16 eeprom dump or data.


ECU confdata and cluster immoblock here



ECU cluster:!FdJB0aRB!9xkkFJqrGDPlWalZxijPTkNny8b1fT6CPAeRt9M8jYo



Your MAC is wrong:

971F1053 is correct one.
Status : 14000051FF is fine


Back to the car and test:



Finally, Works fine.



Credits to @exe123 and @ zolee33 from DK forum.