Audi S4 B8 2011 BCM2 All Keys Lost with Xhorse VVDI2

I hooked up the im608 to 2011 S4 with all keys lost and the BCM2 went dead. I have a replacement BCM2 coming but I like to find a way how to bring those bricked modules back to life.
I think on the bottom of all that is the fact that the battery was at 11 volts when doing it. Before I went there I asked and the owner said the battery was charged so I didn’t get jumper cables and was definitely a mistake I made.
Autel Audi S4 Bcm2 1
I lost communication with the BCM2 in a 2011 S4 B8 from what I think was caused by a weak and undersized car battery. So first of all you make sure the voltage is good, in my case was 11.4 V.
Autel Audi S4 Bcm2 2
It looks like the BCM2 was stuck in boot mode and no communication was possible with ODIS or vcds or Autel.
However, the mighty xhorse vvdi2 did the job.
I used abrites “vag force tool” and started the process of learning a key under 5th immo system AKL.
After that just followed the instructions on the screen and that was it. Everything went smoothly and I have adapted 2 keys.
Autel Audi S4 Bcm2 3
Autel Audi S4 Bcm2 4
Autel Audi S4 Bcm2 5
Autel Audi S4 Bcm2 6
 This time was too easy, I hope this will help you if happens to you in the future.