How to Add Volvo XC60 CEM R32C Key with Xhorse Mini OBD Tool?

The car model is a Volvo xc60 from 17/7/2017 half keyless system with CEM R32C R5f64525kfd. Some have problem when reading CEM with autel xp400 also other programmers.


Here is the easy solution with the cheapest device- xhorse vvdi mini obd tool.



All problem solved with the cheapest device that can someone could imagine remote added successfully without dissembling the CEM.

Believe it or not, car is programmed with xhorse mini obd too. it just all you need.

You could use it with key tool max or just with an Android cell phone.
I connect the mini obd a go under volvo and the normal key system.

I click ok device connected and ask me if i want backup security data and he ask me if i want to continue and the procedure will take 8 hours.

Before click ok i add an additional power supply to the car and click ok. wait kindly. After one hour and 10% of data decryption, he prompts me ” recording location” and i click ok he enter programming mode read and save security data and ask to click start button once, and put the original key then remove it. Then put the key to be programmed to the slot and all work is done.
For me it worked from the first attemp if you didnt succed don’t panic .. you have to begin from the beginning but this time at first when the device prompts you to begin you give it the recording location that the device give it to you in the first access.

Xhorse Mini Obd Volvo Xc60 2017 1 Xhorse Mini Obd Volvo Xc60 2017 2 Xhorse Mini Obd Volvo Xc60 2017 3

Hope it helps.