Add Leon Seat 2014 Key with Xhorse MQB Key

Leon Seat 2014 MQB.
A akl job.
Today, we programmed a oem dealer key.

I need to add a spare key, and want to make an OEM supported key.

Solved it.
The last parts, of the first 2 request.
0C 07 EF AF key 1
0C 07 3E 4A key 2

Before we learned the new oem key.
I read this info. The key ids only matter.
The cs, synch, will be added later to the key.

And after adding the oem key,
I created a new xhorse mqb key, and changed id, to match old immo data, key number 2.
Then learned it, to the car.

The vaghelper cable,
It will also show you, the oem key Ids.
But avdi, vcds, vvdi2, all can give this data, without working key present.