4 Ways to Add Key Passat 2005 with Xhorse VVDI

Is it possible to add Key for Passat year 2005 with xhorse via OBD?

Autel IM508 Add Passat 2005 Key

Some can, some you need to read ECU on bench for data. Better to clone chip and learn remote by OBD as suggested by more people, don’t risque braking the firewall plastic covers to get to the ECU (old and brittle sometimes).

Way 1:
Clone it with VVDI and remote by OBD. Easy money
Clone xhorse super chip XT27 with key tool max and add remote by OBD
Way 2:
Vvdi2 can program key for Passat 2005.  Read CS & pin from ECU … get 7th CS bit from working key, generate dealer key, learn key, done.
Check adapt VW Passat key with vvdi2

Way 3: Read Bcm dump and add by dump with vvdi2

Way 4: Read immo data with Autel via obd, clone chip Fast ,instantly